Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Illamasqua I'm Perfection Mottle. Is Perfection.

Mottle is making the blog rounds and though I wore this weeks ago, right after receiving it from Illamasqua (via Belgium...the Royal Mail's issues with nail polish not standing in Illamasqua's way!) I didn't get it blogged until now so I'm a little late to the party. I have posts of the other colors coming up soon. As usual, the internet usage is at a premium so I have to do what I can. ((Shakes fist at ISP and it's stupid usage caps))

The I'm Perfection collection is inspired by our very natural need to accept ourselves as we are, flaws and all, and to acknowledge the fact that human imperfection is, in fact, beautiful. If you've ever seen those visual experiments where they make a human face perfectly symmetrical using something like photoshop, you'll understand this even more fully. Perfect symmetry in another human face is...weird! We are not used to it. I have plenty of flaws and like a lot of women they are what I see when I look in the mirror,  but also...I do acknowledge that it is my own unique heritage that make me look as I do. Red hair from my Irish grandmother, high cheek bones and grey eyes from my American Indian grandfather (who I also don't really thank for my very high forehead), steadiness and strength from the German and Scots on my father's side and my steely temper from his Welsh roots. Maybe those are stereotypes, but I don't mean any of them to be insulting. More admiring. The American Indian looks I cannot completely hide behind the German-Irish-Scotch and Welsh white skin adds a touch of the exotic. Even I will acknowledge this. While I'm not exactly pretty, I am somewhat exotic. And I somehow manage to look like 3 of 4 grandparents. And Ingrid Bergman, if you believe my mother which...you really probably shouldn't.

The moral of my ramblings is that imperfection is actually perfect. And this collection of nail lacquers perfectly captures that beauty. Plus the formula and application are nothing short of freaking perfect. Not sure how they did it, but they did.

Mottle is the green of the set of five. This was taken of fresh polish by electric lighting. I have some sunlight pics coming up. This is very true to color, I'm pleased. You can see that there are varying sizes of black glitter here with the larger being hexagonal in shape, which always adds interest.

Little blurry of the nail, but the label is the thing, it has little speckles on it! I know I'm a dork but these kinds of details turn my crank. It's attention to the little things, it's indicative that Illamasqua understands it's client base and how we operate. Love it. It's also this kind of attention that suggests you're getting quality for your money, which you certainly are. Illamasqua is one of my favorite beauty brands hands down.
Here's the wear. This is about 7 days, I think. I'll explain what I did at the end, as usual. I had to take this off because the right hand was wearing much worse than the left, I'll show you here in a sec.
The amazing thing about this polish is that it applies so beautifully, it's miraculous. The glitter perfectly balances in the lacquer, there is no maneuvering this around, it just glides on. It's meant to be random and it applies that way. Somehow they built a perfectly opaque polish that doesn't overwhelm the glitter, but instead enhances it. It's magical.

In other words, rather than spending a lot of time jockeying your glitter around you just paint this on like a standard lacquer. It does all the work. Maybe I was just fortunate, but I didn't have to use an orange stick to push any particles back on, either.

Here's the right hand, massive chip and some cuticle lifting up there. It was just time go, but it lasted a solid week.

The other wear isn't bad. I caught the pointer nail on my sweater and this pulled off. I was kinda irritated, but it let me try a new brand after so...it's all good! That'll be coming up.

The parting shot. It still looks pretty good.

This is attention getting. People will ask you about it. One of the girls at work that I rarely speak to stopped me to look at it. People at the grocery store looked at me oddly...which I like. Some thought it was nail art of some odd design. It's very pretty.

Something about Mottle draws you to it. It's not the prettiest shade in the collection, I don't think, but it's magnetic. Not in that you maneuver it around with a magnet, but that you are drawn to it. Dang, but you have to be specific these days!

Here's what I did:

1 coat Growth Spurt
2 coats Mottle, though it didn't really need it. A thick coat will do ya, but I think it adds depth.
2 coats Gelous
1 coat Seche Vite

If you're interested in this at all, I'd pick it up when you find it. I always get mine from Illamasqua.com if I can manage it at all, and they have it in stock, but do what you're most comfortable with.

Happy Talons!

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