Monday, March 4, 2013

butterLondon the Starkers collection - Crumpet

Pantone Universe may have declared the color of the year to be emerald but the nail polish companies weren't listening. This Spring we have a ton of pastels and a ton of nudes. Some of them are marching to their own drummer, like China Glaze with it's Glitz collection, and the gorgeous and unique Illamasqua I'Mperfection collection (coming up on this blog!) but all the same, lots of pastels and nudes.
butter's collection called "Starkers", which is just a funny word to me, is a small set of three nude like shades that I don't think try to be a true nude, but try to capture the essence without trying to satisfy every single skin tone out there. That wouldn't even be possible, despite what the foundation adverts try to convince us of. None of these are true nude on me, the closest I have ever seen to that being Deborah Lippmann's Careless Whisper, and that's not even dead on. I don't sparkle. I sometimes wish I did...but I'm just ordinary.

The first I'm going to show you is Crumpet, which is described by butter as "Opaque warm caramel cream", which is a really description.

I had some lighting problems so some of these pictures are generally dark, but I tried to make sure the polish was pretty true to color and this is, especially in the bottle there. It translated slightly lighter on me. (See where my nails were peeling? Gel Labs didn't help my nails much. I had hope, but it didn't work on me. Nothing against the system, most things don't work like they should on me.)
I kept both bottle shots because they were both accurate in their own way. You can see here, just my shifting the position of my fingers changes the look of the color slightly. It's a trick of the light, but it's not untrue to life, really. Our perception changes with the illumination, in polish as in all things!
Polish n of the many services I provide. But it's truth, emmaright?

This is really pretty and very wearable no matter how conservative your office is. Surprisingly the milky cream tone of this doesn't give me lobster paws. If you are practically glow in the dark like me, this one is a nice neutral for you.

Here's the label for you, just for scuzz. It's slightly blurry...I was having all kinds of issues.

Here we go. You can see where I was being careful and not flooding the cuticle, that this was easy to apply and control. It's a little lobsterry here, but nothing bad. Plus, this was a picture I didn't let the autocorrect clean up. It was bad. It's actually...wood my desk. Weird.

Last one. this shows you that it does go opaque fully in two coats , that the color has a definite cream feel, not in the texture but the color. Ever seen the cream on raw milk? It has this feel to it, a kind of rich and thick viscosity.
I feel like I'm not making sense. I hope that makes sense.

Like it? Have you checked these out? I don't know that they've advertised them much. I got an email because I'm a "Bezzie Mate" which just means I'm signed up for their promotions, and it's on their home page, but I haven't seen these around much.

Thought or observations?

Happy Talons!

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  1. Oh I don't know, you might be a little extraordinary ;)