Wednesday, March 6, 2013

butterLondon Shandy...the nude for the apricot people

Shandy is listed as "opaque light apricot cream" on the butterLondon website. I don't know any opaque light apricot colored people. As a part of the Starkers seems odd to me. It's pretty, but I guess this is exactly what I meant when I said this collection isn't trying to be a nude for every nude, but is trying to capture the essence of nudes.

That all aside, it's really pretty and wearable, office appropriate, even if you're not apricot colored. I don't think it's particularly apricot, either, as apricots are orangey aren't they? I love them...especially dried. Those are just joy in a little shriveled package.

I guess if you have less red in your skin tone than I do then this might work really well on you. It kind of reminds me of a doll's coloring. You can see how light and glowy it is, I really like it, even though on me it's not the greatest.

The label shot, which is iffy, but the nails are good. This looks very lit up, it's nice.

Another label shot, less fuzzy and better lit. Pretty neutral color, lighter than the blah beiges, still office ready and kind of elegant and fun.

This doesn't give me the redness that it could have, it's kind of subdued. You can see I didn't have any application problems aside from my own messiness. This was very well behaved.

You can see it wanted to get a little thick on the ring finger. A polish this opaque has a lot of pigment in it, it takes a little care, but just pay attention. It's not difficult to work with.

Last shot, you can see the peach in nude here. Very nice. 

You like? 

Happy Talons!

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