Friday, March 8, 2013

butterLondon Starkers Collection - Tea and Toast

Tea and Toast is an intriguing color to me. It's described as a rich tan, which is pretty apt. It's the darkest of the collection and I think the most wearable on the most skin tones. It's dark, rich, but still under-stated and neutral without being bland.

 I really like this. It has some grey in it, which is what gives it that toned down feel, it's casual...I can see this going from jeans and a t to dinner at a fancy joint. It will go with every single thing in your wardrobe and still be flattering.

You can see the grey in it a little better here. Isn't this pretty? It reminds me a mocha.

This is really flattering on me. MDAMO wasn't so impressed, he said's pretty. He doesn't care for neutrals. I think of them all this looks the best on me but I think it's going to work on most everyone. On more fair skin it just gives a larger contrast, obviously, but on darker complexions it should act more as a nude.

It looks more putty here, that's the grey coming to bear. I love the richness of this, the feel of it.

Definitely my fave of this group.

I picked mine up at butterLondon because if you've read me for any length of time, you know I like to go straight to the source. Are you planning to pick these up?

Happy Talons!

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