Saturday, December 1, 2012

Illamasqua US Sephora Exclusive Releases

These exclusive releases...I tell ya what. It's exhausting trying to keep up with them.

Illamasqua has released two limited edition US colors at Sephora, they're available at Over the Black Friday chaos I found them, but only one was available. I received a $15 off gift card from them and went back just to see and the other was available. Both were in stock as of two days ago.

These are brilliant vibrant blues. Noble, which is a more robin's egg blue and Cameo, which is...well, if you've ever seen a real cameo, is cameo blue. It's a dusty powdery blue but...INYOURFACE. Both are gorgeous. If you're interested, skedaddle on over there and pick them up.

Also, if you like Illamasqua make up, as I happen to, they are discontinuing some stuff, I'd check their site for more info. I have already picked up most of what I had wanted long before this, but if you're interested, all three of the blushes are versatile, buildable and wearable, and the eyeshadows are always vibrant and buildable. Quick! Before it's too late!!

Also, BIB4 from Rescue Beauty Lounge is now available. Some really good ones in there, such as the record selling Aqua Lily, so grab them before they're gone!

I'm trying to keep my eyes open for us all!

Happy Talons!

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