Wednesday, December 5, 2012

China Glaze Harvest Moon

I know I'm way late to the Thanksgiving color party. Things are sometimes just flat beyond my control. But here is what I wore anyways, which is a lovely color that even I have to confess is an Autumn color, and you should know by now that I pretty much eschew limiting colors to seasons.

Harvest moon is an orange, but it's more..a brass. It's a little bronzey but reminds me of trumpets from high school band. The ones the kids never cleaned.

Which makes it sound SO lovely, doesn't it?

This was after about a week's worth of wear. It did really well, but China Glaze usually does.

See what I mean about the color? It's not really bronze or's brass. But it's pretty. It has those little shimmer particles in it that I love love love.

The label shot for ya, which mainly serves to show you that shimmer! YAY! Shimmer makes me happy. I'm a simple creature.

It's exhibiting some tip wear, some chips, but nothing major and nothing that couldn't be repaired. Being a true polish hound, I took this off simply because it was making me antsy to wear the same color so long. What a dork, right? But you're reading this so you probably feel the same way. We can't help it. It's what being addicted is all about.

Tidy cuticles, even for my drunken monkey application which suggests this was pretty easy to manage and apply. Nice and even application as well. China Glaze is always a solid choice.

I think this was part of the Hunger Games collection? I don't know? I couldn't have been less into that whole phenomena. Well...I was less interested in Twilight, I guess.

Tip wear. Not bad at all considering my job is a nail killer. I don't know why I get that weird pucker effect just on my index finger. I have never figured that out. It must be me beause BMWWU doesn't get that.

The right hand. Very even wear on both hands. And these hands did a LOT of dishes. A LOT.

The whole extent of chipping on the right. Next to nothing, I know. This did a great job and it was so pretty for the holiday. I enjoyed wearing this. It's not an easy color, though. Before you order it, try to get hold of a bottle at Sally or Ulta or wherever you go to look for polish and hold the bottle on the back of your hand. It will give you an idea if you can carry this off. I barely get away with it. It works OK because I'm a redhead? But it wouldn't be great on an olive completion, for example.


Happy Talons!

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