Sunday, July 21, 2013

The new love of my life

I had to share this with you because let's face it, getting that special photo of the love of your life can be challenging. Especially when we're talking about an energetic lively soul who just can't sit still.

Please meet Mina, my puppy. I have had her since May and I adore her. She's a lap puppy, which I love. I've never had one but always wanted one. Pekingese tend to need to grow into their faces, which she's doing now. I was concerned because her eyes were so prominent, so easy for a cat to scratch or to get hurt while playing, but her forehead is starting to come around and I think she's going to turn into a lovely flat faced girl. I miss my Molly so much, but having Mina does help. She's a completely different personality than Molly and I'm grateful she's all black and white rather than the lovely fawn brown that Molly was. It just makes it a little easier and feels less like I've replaced her.

We also got Mina's half sister, same Daddy different Mommies, but she seems to defy naming. Three months and nothing has really stuck. By default she seems to be Angel or Cookie Wookie (my doing). I would have chosen something by now but she's not mine so Angel Cookie Wookie is usually what I call her. I don't think Angel suits her at all, not because she isn't one, she just doesn't seem to care for the name at all. Mina, on the other hand, took immediately to it. I had wanted to call her Domino, but she didn't give a rat's ass about that. When I called her Mina she looked up, licked my chin and turned her head to it every time after that. We think we choose, but we don't. They do. Don't kid yourself. I think maybe Sadie would be a good name for Cookie Wookie...or just Cookie. Or Wookie. convincing Moms, whose puppy she is.
She has a perfect head already, she's still growing into her muzzle, and her eyebrows are a new development, but she is already so pretty. And so MELLOW. Mina is go go go, Cookie Wookie is more meeehhhhh...whatevsies. 

I'm so glad we got two. They play and keep each other company. Of course, that's twice the mess, twice the training, twice the food and upkeep...also twice as many puppies to fight in your lap!

This is a pretty common thing. Fierce, aren't they?! LOL I think because Mina and I have chosen each other, whenever there is playing going on and I'm at puppy level, Mina will conduct battle from my lap or right next to me. Adorbs!

I hope you enjoyed meeting them!

In editing these I realized I have so many swatches out there for you. Oh my. I'm so far behind. And so much great stuff has come out, too. I haven't been able to jump on every band wagon, my life flat needs a change and money is essential to making that happen, which means I need to spend less of it. Period. But I've got on some. I will have a post up tomorrow to show you a new product that I think is pretty great. I did invest in some of this, but it wasn't a large investment at all and I'll tell you all about that as well.

Happy Talons! And FANGS! Look at those choppers! LOL


  1. Too Cute! Just make sure to control the play; if they get too rough break it up. Siblings are well known to het into serious fights; it's about dominance and also claiming the human.

    1. Oh I know. When it gets ugly they get separated. The thing is, the little brown one is such a talker you aren't always sure so you separate them sometimes when maybe they don't need to be. She just talks and talks. She sounds like a rusty squeeze box! errrrrroooowwwweeeeerrrrrrmmmmmmrrrr! They are both sweet natured and loving but they do snap at one another at times. I loves them! I need my puppy time!