Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good Lord. A new Cruelty Free brand - Haven't tried it yet

Yes, guys, I do know I've just been babbling at you lately and not posting pictures or reviews and I have some stuff I DO really want to show you.

Maybe I will just do that. I have a new phone, great, GREAT camera, and honestly, I haven't totally figured out how to use it all yet. I can do what I gotta. That's about as far as I've got with it.

However, I simply HAD to share with you all my discovery through Vampy Varnish (hope she doesn't mind me linking back to her!) of a new polish which comes in...bootay shaped bottles. She's actually reviewed it for you there, so please check that out if you're interested.

Yeah. It's kinda crazy, but there are some interesting duo-chromes in here so I'm intrigued. I am trying to be on an essentials only shopping lock down and I'm not doing too badly. I did pick up one Wet-n-Wild Fergie color I'd never seen before, which is beautiful, but a $3.50 lack of discipline I can manage.

So here's the linky:

Tell me what you think!

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