Monday, July 22, 2013

CND VinyLux - Wow

BMWWU put this on me last time, two weeks ago. It's a new system from CND.

I've never been a big CND user, I just never got into them. I know they make a great product, I understand them to be cruelty free, but I never jumped on that band wagon. It's not something I can go anywhere locally and look at or buy because I don't have a license of any kind. I'm just a simple addict. They were one of the spearheaders of the gel revolution but I hope this well overtakes that trend because I do not like so many things about gels, it's well documented in this blog. The removal, in particular, plus all that extra UV light exposure. I don't like it. It peeled, it yellowed, it damaged my nails...blah. Hate.

Well, I let her do this because it didn't require all that mess. And it's uh-may-zing. I only have the one swatch because I don't have this color, it's BMWWU's and while I had intended to photo the wear after EIGHT DAYS (yeah, you read that right) I kind of spaced. Plus, while I don't mind reviewing colors she's applied, for wear discussion I like to apply for myself. The reason being I'm not trained, I'm no expert. I'm a regular gal, I've learned from the school of hard knocks and maybe I won't always do things exactly as they should be done from plain old lack of experience and know-how. You know, probably a lot like you.

So the deal is, with this VinyLux there is no base coat. You DO have to have their top coat, but I bought mine for the same price as the polish, so bonus. There is a wide array of colors, something to suit everyone, and the price point where I bought mine is so completely affordable. The color I'm going to show you is "Coming Soon" there, but I have faith in this e-tailer. I've bought from them many times and always had great service and fast shipping. The only thing I find them not very competitive on is Ruby Wing and the Color Club Halo Hues collection, which is an amazing holo collection but they are not marked down. They're too popular, I think. I can do best on Ruby Wing at Meijer, if you have those where you are. $5/bottle as opposed to $8 everywhere else. I do love those, too. They're so fun.


Hope no one from Meijer is reading this! Don't mark them up, please!

I was afraid of staining, this is a pretty vibrant color but there was none and it removed like normal polish. It took a little bit of soaking the cotton ball on there just to make life easier, but that was my own choice. It certainly does NOT require soaking your nails like gels, not by a long shot. I've tortured you long enough.

Here's the color:

Limeade. And OOOO. I checked the spelling on that to be sure and discovered one of the ones I'm lemming is no longer "Coming Soon" but full on arrived! DANG! I have no fundage. CRAP. Being a grown up sucks.

OK, back to the regularly scheduled programming. This is listed as a "Semi-Sheer" but we didn't like that look so this is 3 coats. The polish will not dry on it's own, you MUST have the top coat. Their top coat, the special kind. It has all kinds of hocus pocus stuff on it about how it's supposed to work which experience has taught me...take with a grain of salt. I don't know how it works and I don't really care to be honest. It will harden in ambient light, though if you have a UV or LED light it sure won't hurt it to sit in there for a little while. (Wear sun screen!) The idea is that as this is exposed to ambient light it will continue to harden and I did find that to be true.

This wore for a solid 8 days before I got so restless and sick of the color I had to remove it. It probably could have skated longer. The right hand was showing signs of tip wear and some minor chipping. I don't know if you can repair this or not, as I've mentioned this one isn't mine.

Because of the nature of this polish the top coat comes in a black bottle which I would keep in a drawer in the box. As soon as it sees ambient light, it's going to start to cure. BMWWU said she's seen signs of it thickening just from applying it on people. The polishes are in regular clear bottles, which is nice because you can see where your usage is. I don't like that about gels either. Is there anything I like about gels? Nothing is coming to mind....

Ok, so where to look into buying. - creative

I like this e-tailer a lot. Tons of product, great prices, I mean, look at the China Glaze and Orly prices if you don't believe me, or Seche, or Poshe...those aren't AS discounted but still a little better. If you can tag them on another order you blend them in on shipping and it works out. They no longer carry OPI, not that I care, but you may. They were culled in the great OPI hate the little e-tailer raid of a few years ago. However $3 for Color Club? Hells yeah. They ship fast, they carry a ton of stuff and I've never had a problem. I don't know what these VinyLux are going for at salons but I bet it's not $5.25. I also love that they have listed the colors and told you sheer, opaque, etc. That's stuff you just can't tell from a website unless they help you out. Nice size pics on these as well.

If you're interested, there is a mini set available for a little bit of nothing. It has 4 mini colors and a mini top coat. Great way to try a nice variety of their colors and finishes and this new system without investing a ton. The entire set is less than a luxury brand and I almost guarantee it will wear a lot better.

So that's what I know on that!

Gonna give it a shot? I think you'll really like it.

Happy Talons!


  1. I can't wait to try this! I love Shellac, but sometimes I don't want a two week mani; just a really tough one week. ;)

    1. I have a lot of problems with the UV cured stuff. BMWWU put it on me so I know it's being done right but it doesn't wear for crap on me, the peeling damaged my nails...I hate it. I know a lot of people are devoted to it. I also hate that it's such a process to remove, if you do it right, that it takes the steam out of putting on new colors. This is a great alternative! And if you can get it at 8ty8 you're getting it at drugstore prices! I mean...Try it now! I think you'll probably like it better than shellacs, at least the removal, anyways.

      I need to blog more, but I haven't had time. Lots of changes in my life. Maybe I will write a post about that today!