Friday, May 10, 2013

Deborah Lippmann - Mermaids - Million Dollar Mermaid

The Mermaid collection is really beautiful. The colors are fun and springy, they're clearly capitalizing on the success of the original mermaid polish and who doesn't love mermaids?

Well, I've been accused of being a siren whose sexy voice lures men to their icy watery deaths so maybe not those guys....and I think I sound something like a small woodland creature might if they spoke English with no accent...but I digress. As usual.

These first couple of pictures are with flash and aren't really great, but they do do a great job of showing you the sparkle in these polishes, which I think you want to see, right?

You can see this really washes out the color quite a bit but it emphasizes the glitter and how that lays. These were some cute toe separators I got with...I don't know, something I ordered. Thanks, whoever you were!

This is a pretty sherbet orange color, the base has a lot of shimmer, which is a characteristic of these polishes, and it gives an almost foil appearance. It's not really very opaque, though. This is three coats and you can see there is still some VNL.

Another flash photo, but it lets you see the glitters and where they fall and their pretty complementing color to the base. You can also really see the pretty shimmer.

OK, no flash and quite a bit closer to real life.

You can see this really dries pretty smooth. Relatively speaking, you understand. It's a glitter so it's not like glass smooth, but it's pretty good. A thick top coat and you're golden with this one. No pun actually intended for once.

I was trying to show you the color comparison to a coral here. Did it work?

I love this little votive thing. When you put a candle in here the little fishes look like they're moving. :)

Last one. You can see there is some bumpy, but you can handle that. The glitter disburses nicely and the color is nice. I love the shimmer in the base, too. Really pretty and really very wearable. This isn't going to draw negative attention at work unless your office is super conservative. It went on really nicely,  and looks good on my whiteness. Kind of a bear to remove, though.

More of these coming up. I really enjoy these kinds of glitters.

Happy Talons!

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