Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Deborah Lippmann - Mermaid's Kiss

OK, I'm a bad blogger. I've just had the most odd couple of weeks. I do have new puppies on the way, T Minus 2 days and counting! I haven't had puppies in the house in 15 years and I missed most of those because I was in Chicago then. I am very excited. This no dog thing is torture. I've never been through this before. We've always had more than one dog! So we have two coming, not litter mates, but half sisters. I am planning to do a lot of spoiling.

I'm still working through all the swatches I did for you guys, I have a ton. I'm just not motivated to sit and do pictures. If someone would edit the pictures as I like I'd be able to sit and write....but the control freak OCD neurotic in me just wouldn't really do that. I have to do it!

On with the show.

Mermaid's Kiss...This is another of the Mermaid polishes, duh. I just knocked something heavy off my desk. Whatevs.

This is the pink one. My first impressions are that it's really pretty sheer. If you're into that, this can be worn that way, I have some swatches.

Pretty, right? These are mirror glitters, they're very flashy, and the polish itself has a lot of shimmer to it.

This is a much better shot, really. I've been trying to introduce more interest to my swatches, are you feeling it?

You can see the pink, the pink glitters and if you cross your eyes a little you might see some green flash. This definitely has a kind of watery feel.

Interestingly enough, this is only two coats. Odd, huh? I never expected that kind of coverage given the sheer look of just one coat, but here it is. You can also see that it's pretty chunky, but some Gelous will fix that if you don't like it.

Sorry, a little blurry, but very color accurate.

Last and best swatch. Here is what annoyed me about this. Look at the glitter distribution. Really good on pointer and birdie. Not bad on ring. Dismal on pinkie and no matter what I seemed to, short of globbing a bunch of polish on there, I couldn't get more. I don't know why that is. I guess be careful as you apply and don't let this happen to you!

What do you think? Pretty, right? I love the flash, which you can kind of see here, and I love the color, it's good on my skin tone. Miserable to get off, though. Miserable. Most glitters are, I'm afraid. I've taken to soaking in acetone. I know, I hate that but it seems actually less damaging than scrubbing at it. I only put it in a cuticle dish deep enough to submerge the nails and I don't leave them there. I dip and wipe and dip and wipe. It seems to work. Just hit the cuticle oil and hand cream heavily afterward.

Happy Talons!

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