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I will have a couple of posts up this weekend. I had to sacrifice my Sunday to work but I have Friday off instead which rocks. It's now Friday...but I do have a lot to show you. I am wearing a really gorgeous look that BMWWU cooked up with Models Own, which has done SO well. OMG. I have to show you. I'm fighting the repair the latest small chips or re-do battle right now. Plus, I have a whole post put together on how I do repairs and this was a good polish to show you because it repaired really nicely. I'm just having trouble, as usual, getting the pictures to upload. It's always a picture problem with me. Hate that. But my phone just WILL NOT do it! I'm trying to email them to myself.

I'm not gone again. Just having some more technical difficulties.

I have some fun stuff to try. I kinda went nuts and bought all of last years ManGlazes. I also have the entire China Glaze magnetic collection coming,'s very cool and I love the look but everyone and their mother has a magnetic collection now. I have also immediately hit the Rescue Beauty Lounge Georgia on my Mind collection, which is still available for pre-order, but today is the last day. If you're not already a VIP there I don't know that you can get in on it, but it's amazing and I can't wait to see it. It should be available for everyone in a few weeks. Ji Baek at RBL has the best inspirations. I would consider her a true artist.

I Also hit MAC. Now...if you've been reading me for awhile you know that I have a love/hate relationship with MAC. They have this very irritating tendency to put out a ton of amazing limited edition colors. I have to respect that unlike so many who will slap "Limited Edition" on stuff they have 60 million bottles of and have no intention of not making again for the next ten years just to get us suckers to buy it, MAC actually will have only a limited amount of these colors. However, as someone who has had her little polish dreams crushed under the wheels of gorgeous swatches of things she would never get on ebay because honestly, $1000 for a bottle of Essie is ridiculous, I have SWORN never to show you stuff you can't readily pick up somewhere and I usually try to tell you where. For example, the ManGlaze and China Glaze (I seem to have a "Glaze" theme happening there) were hit on Amazon. I pick up some stuff on Apothica. My BB Coutures come from (and Kim is a doll, I recommend checking that site out, she has been partnering with some of the foreign companies that we all love, also with Cult, and she's got some great stuff. I just haven't hit that in awhile. I'm running out of BB Couture space for one, and I found Glitter Gal to be incredibly gorgeous but Shite for wear so I haven't hit any more of those, but she's got other new brands out there. Partly I haven't done the research to check cruelty free status on them and partly I've been broke. After the RBL haul on Georgia...the no-buy is BACK. ON. OMG.) and of course I occasionally will hit up some of the discount sites as well. If something is hard to get I try to tell you where I do get them because I've been stymied on that one before. Before I went totally cruelty free I got obsessed with these gorge swatches of Nfu-Oh I was seeing everywhere but you think those beeyas would tell you where to get them? Ha. I had to find them myself. I don't know that Nfu-Ohs are not cruelty free, but I don't know that they are. If I question it, I won't buy it. Generally if they aren't telling you they are then they're not. If you are not cruelty free driven I will tell you if you ask me privately but I won't advertise it. Know what I mean? That's your choice and I won't hinder you but I won't advertise stuff that's not if I can help it. My point was...polish hounds can be somewhat protective of their sources. Not all of them are, of course, but when I ask a direct question, especially in a blog environment where the whole idea is to share, and am told "I'm not gonna tell you, neener neener neeeeeenerrrrr" I can get a little irritated. If you see something you love and you have to get it and you have to know how I got it, please contact me.

How did I get off on this tangent?

MAC. Right. some circles, MAC is questionable on the whole cruelty free thing. It's made by Estee Lauder (sorry to all you girls who won't wear Estee Lauder because it's what your Mom wears/wore. You're not edgy. You're buying into the marketing. Same company. So is Stila, by the way. And I love all of them. I don't wear a lot of MAC, I find the lipglass to be sticky and thick and I just never really got into the shadows and stuff.) and Lauder is such a big company, as you can see, that it's hard to avoid them. They also make most of the perfumes on the market, or at least quite a few of the really big ones. If you've been reading me you know that a friend of mine is a make up artist with them and she assures me that there are no animal products in their stuff. I know that is not the same thing as cruelty free, but she believes that they are. I believe we do the best we can. I mostly wear Illamasqua these days but I like the skin care so I am hoping for the best there.

So, that said.

MAC. Again. I will get on point, I promise. Their nail colors come and go like rain. It's very hard for me to keep my promise to you as readers that I won't post stuff you can't get when two days after I post it they're gone and frankly, I can't afford to stay on top of their very fast release schedule. They release collections like my dog goes through those little t-bone treats. Fast. Uber fast. You have to visit their site about once a week or so to stay on top. They're labor intensive. They do do some nice colors, though. Mostly creams, almost always. And FUN. They are so much FUN. I snapped up the Wonder Woman collection, but I can't show it to you because it's gone! That was last year, but you get my point.

So...I do have some fun stuff to show you that I'll be testing out. I have a couple new brands I want to look into, see if they are bunny safe and then save up and try some. The blog isn't big enough for me to get samples, and you know what? I'm OK with that. I write it for myself and if you guys like it too, then that's a huge bonus. I hope I'm giving you good information and helpful advice.

So...once I get pics to upload one way or another (considering beating my phone into submission, frankly. It's been acting up. Does your smart phone spontaneously reboot itself? Mine does. I hate it! It's due to be replaced in a few months, yee haw.) I will have a review for you, a post showing you how I repair chips with pics. I've done a post on it but I don't think it had pics and this color is so vibrant it's very easy to see. And some new colors. I also still want to show you the trends and what you have in your stash right now that may well work for you without having to spend some bucks. I want to do that because who couldn't stand to save a little bit?

So that's what is up with me. Sorry for the talky post, but I hope it's been a good read.

Happy Talons!


YIKES! OK. I should check my brands more often, I guess. I have seen all kinds of Yes, Estee Lauder does, No, Estee Lauder does not...I was going on what my friend had been told as their representative...I think I'm going back to my beloved Shea Terra Organics for skin care. I like it and it's a little cheaper.

Check this link and help the animals, peeps...MAC is no longer safe. Damn. I opened all those polishes or I'd return them.

Logical Harmony

Really great blog, as well. Check it out and I will as well. We will all try to stay informed. It makes a difference.

I just found out as well, that Wet and Wild, the ubiquitous drug store brand, and cheap!, has the bunny seal of approval so when I need a cheap pick me up, expect to see some W&W on here!

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