Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ManGlaze...How I love ya. Fatty's Got More Blood. Oh yeah.

I kind of went a little bonkers when I changed jobs. The irony being I'm actually making LESS money...but the polish addiction will not be denied so here we are. I sort of...bought every single ManGlaze I could find on Amazon. In case you didn't know, they have a storefront on Amazon now. You can still order direct from them, but it looks to me like they are phasing out their own online store. I don't know that, it's not like I read an announcement or anything, but they aren't carrying their new colors there, which is probably how I missed all 80 that I ordered. And if you've worn ManGlaze, you know they're not the cheapest on the market. All those artists they get to do the labels have to be paid, I suppose.

If you haven't checked out any of my other ManGlaze posts, ManGlaze is a polish company that makes polish for men, really, hence the clever and I'm sure tongue-firmly-in-cheek name. And I'm sure they chuckle masculinely to themselves every time one of us girly bloggers starts raving about how much we just can't get enough ManGlaze. Ha Ha Ha, fellas. Ha Ha Ha. **pointed look**
They market to skater boys and rock stars and the like. The colors tend to be darker and more Rob Navarro than Justin Bieber, thank fuck for that, I say, and always matte. I wasn't a big fan of matte until ManGlaze came bursting into my life. (Hey. If they can be tongue-firmly-in-cheek then so can I.) They changed my mind. I don't honestly know if all mattes are as velvety as these are, and I don't really care. They do it so bloody well, I don't know that I'd try any others.

Oh, who am I kidding. If I found it interesting enough I'd try it and we all know it.

The first one I tried was Fatty's Got More Blood. It's a deep dark red, not burgundy or brown in color but actually...purple. And while I'm pondering that, please consider this a teaser review of sorts. It didn't wear well. That is odd, so very odd, for a ManGlaze and honestly...I think it was the base coat I used. I tried a Diamond Nail Hardening bast coat and it wouldn't freaking dry. I don't blame the Diamond base coat for that, either. It's been in the drawer for an age. Likely it's just got old. So I have some swatches here, but they're not great and they're not of the caliber I like to show you.

See the purple? Yeah. This isn't purple. It's red. It's the color of dried blood and I'm not even joking. However, put a flash on it and you get amethyst.
I'm showing you this, that doesn't even show something similar to the real color of the polish for a reason: when I tell you this isn't burgundy, I mean it. It's a red with a purple base. Proof's in the pudding.

I tried again and is it me? Is that even MORE purple than the first swatch? And yeah, for a couple weeks all I did was beat the crap out of my hands. I don't know how I cut my middle finger there, but it hurt for a long time. Bled, too. Nice.

WHOA there, Hopalong! THAT is the real color. Huh. See what I'm saying? Oh, nice cuticle on the index finger, Tricks. **facepalm**
This is a very accurate shot. It's a pretty black-red dried blood sort of color. There is quite a lot of understated shimmer here, as with all ManGlaze polishes, except Mayo. Maybe is just white, if memory serves.

I think if you zoom in by clicking the picture you will really be able to see the shimmer particles here. It's gorge. It really is.

You can see the beginnings of wear here. I really blame old base coat for this. I will wear it again, we'll find out.

Often colors like this are considered "Fall" or "Winter" colors. I declare shenanigans on that. Wear what you like when you like. If you really love being seasonal with your nail color then do it, but if you're more of a free spirit, which you probably are if you listen to my prattle, then if you are in a "I need to put something that looks like dried blood on my nails because I feel like feeling like I look a little dangerous today" don't have the "But it's JUNE!" follow up thought. Put black on for Easter, who cares?? It's not a tattoo! And if you feel like you really would rather wear the pink of bunnies noses for Christmas than knock yourself out. So yeah. I rocked blood red on my nails in the Summer. Sue me. 

ManGlaze. Gotta love them. 

I don't have shots of this with top coat. It only wore for a few days and by the time I sat down to take these pics, as you can see, I would have had major peeling if I had done that. Like I said, this is a teaser review. I can't even give you mechanics as I don't remember any longer. It was only two weeks ago but I didn't make note. Next time. 

I hope you like it! 

Happy Talons!

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