Monday, May 28, 2012


Here is a walk through on my mechanics. The products do change as I try new things and go back to old ones, but this is what a manicure of mine takes.

First up, clean dry nails:

Have I told you I can't shape my nails for shite? Did I lie? I missed my last manicure, I should be due this week but don't have an appointment. Not good. This is a hot mess but I did the best I could.

Nice nick in the cuticle there on the birdie finger. I was gardening yesterday and gloves annoy me after awhile. I must have done this then. It stung when I washed my hands! But I put some Aquaphor on it and it's a little better. I haven't been taking care of my cuticles lately.

This happened to be the Tropical Sun from Models Own manicure so this is one coat of Models Own 3in1. As a base coat it was OK. My nails seemed to take to it and it didn't take a horrible time to dry. I don't typically let my polish dry all the way through between steps. It's not really necessary if you're careful. I am just careful and slow as I paint and usually by the time the right hand is done the left hand is ready. (I paint left to right)

Nailtiques 2 Plus. This is very glossy, as you can see, and picked up the fur from the pillow. Nice. Oh well. But this is a product you can easily use a top coat to refresh your manicure and it's good for your nails. It's a protein coat which should help with peeling if you have that problem. I have a serious problem with peeling. You can see here where they've tried it.

Seche Rebuild coat 1. Nice index finger. *sigh* I tend to pick at my cuticles as a nervous habit. I'm very self-destructive in this way! I pick my cuticles, chew my lip...awful habits.
The important thing here is that Rebuild is also to help strengthen your nails. It has a milky quality but it is sheer. you could wear this plain but note the texture of it, mostly notable on the pinky nail. It's not as rough as Orly Nail Armor, which I love and hate, but it does have some texture.

Another shot at one coat. Despite the slight texture, it has a nice sheen.

Two coats Seche Rebuild are on, we're ready for color. You can see the slightly milky quality it gives the nail. It's not a good base to load a sheer up on. If you're looking for help reaching opacity I would go with Fiberglass Network or Orly Nail Armor. The thing I hate about Nail Armor is that you have to put it on thick and the silk fibers in it tend to stick off the end of the nail and get caught on things causing chips. Otherwise, it's probably one of the best things out there for helping you keep your natural nails in tact. I think I may just not be that good at putting it on, honestly.

So that's the mechanics. It's not glamourous, but it IS necessary. These steps help preserve the health of your nails, the length of your manicure and prevent staining from your lacquers. Those rich cobalt blues that I love so much stain badly, so do some reds and rich greens, blacks...anything with tons of pigment can cause bad stains. Take these steps to keep your nails healthy, please! It's worth it. The chemicals in polish are not really good for us, it's worth the time and energy to lay down a foundation that is at least including things that are good. Plus, it just lays a nice canvas to paint on. Any minor ridges or even little divets you might have (I have a divet...lost an argument with a stapler as a child. Right through the nail and I carry the reminder to this day, but you can't see it, can you? I know from whence I speak!) are nicely filled in. If you have serious ridges then please add in a ridge filler. Buffing will only be a temporary help and may actually make the situation worse. See a professional if that is a bad problem for you.

OK? So now when I list the mechanics at the bottom of the post you will know this is what I mean and how I go about it. You still want to avoid your cuticles and keep things tidy here.

It's important to Happy Talons!

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