Saturday, April 30, 2011


OK, I managed to get pictures off my promises.
Aaaaannnnd, it looks teal! *sigh* Well, this is ButterLondon Dosh, finally. I believe this picture is after about 6 days of wear. You can see the grow out there...It wore beautifully, right up until I had to do dishes for Easter, which involved...well, a ton of cooking and cleaning up. After the third sink full of dishes, it just started to peel up, and I don't blame it. I tend to love expensive polishes, maybe I'm a snob or maybe I like the prettier bottles, I don't know, but the thing about expensive polish is that often they assume if you can pay for it, you're not doing manual labor. This is my theory. Butter is an expensive polish. Dosh did wear beautifully and pretty much flawlessly for a full week. I had a little tip wear but nothing major. This one was definitely worth the smackerels, if only for the lovely color with the subtle sparkle.

I still don't have the camera switched over. My life does not belong to me. I have been recording my tips with my phone, though, and am able to get those over here so at least you can have SOME idea what I'm babbling about!

I will be posting again shortly, since I can right now, because I want to talk about the electric gigolo M&M Illamasqua I'm wearing now because this mani is six days old as well and just did one large sink full of dishes and has survived a week at work...and it's still going strong. I'm going to change it tomorrow when I paint my Moms's nails, mostly because...I'm now sick of it! Not because it's not wearing well...that post soon!! I want to record their lack of wear before I start because you need to see this.

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