Friday, April 22, 2011

Hi there and Welcome!!

This is an experiment for me to see if I can maybe revisit the polishes I already have rather than just buying more! If you are a confirmed polish hound like myself, you will know what I'm attempting as likely as not. I hope to entertain and inspire and help others find colors they love like other bloggers have done for me. I'm not sure I thank you all, as I have way more polish than I could ever possibly use!

I don't promise to be terribly consistent with this project, but I will try. I DO promise to at least do a search to make sure that a polish I am posting/reviewing is still available to purchase somewhere other than The Auction Site That Shall Not Be Named for an outrageous price before I speak. While I love all you polish bloggers out there, reviews and pics of sparkly gorgeousness that I have no hope of ever finding? Grrrrr!! not torture me further with pictures of Starry Starry Night.

One thing I WILL absolutely promise: I will not be posting, reviewing, recommending or pointing you towards any brands that are not cruelty free. I am an animal lover and believer in habitat conservation and firmly believe it is ridiculous for another living creature to suffer so that I may have sparkly fingertips. I further promise not to preach on this subject, but I encourage us all to search our own souls and act as our consciences dictate. Should you find you agree with me, then hopefully this will be a good resource for you and help you know where to spend your dollars in support of companies who are like minded. If you do not, I hope it does not preclude your joining me from time to time to enjoy a great color, but I won't discuss this any further as I won't be swayed.

It is my sincere intention to offer forth an honest opinion on color, application and wear. Wear will be especially important to me as I have limited time and a manicure killer of a job! I do have professional manicures, I do not do acrylic tips as I enjoy my natural nails and suffer the breakages that come with. I also do not do nail art, it's just not my style, though I admit there is some amazing stuff going on out there in the nail world. I am very much wanting to do a half moon, though! It's so 30s...I love it!

I hope we all have a good time together and you are all patient with my pics as I find it incredibly difficult to take pictures of my own hands!! They always end up looking slightly odd. If you do not know what I mean, give it a's challenging!

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