Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Fine Cruelty Free Cuticle Oil. Not using one? Get one!

My next manicure will be with LeChat. It means "the cat", hence the clever little feline on the bottle! The best news is that LeChat is Cruelty Free! YAY! I invested in a bit of it, if I like it I will invest in more because I really, really, really want to stay as cruelty free as possible. Also, I have tried the LeChat Nobility line of cuticle essential oils, one scent so far, the citrus lavender. Love love love. I just ordered another set of 4 for a really great price off of evilbay. I may go back and see if I can't find more scents because I love the stuff. It's an oil but it soaks right in, left my cuticles nice and soft and the scent is nice but not cloying. I've read the cucumber variety is really nice, I may have to institute a search.

It comes in a nice size, .85oz, most come in .5, which isn't a lot, really. I thought it was a bit spendy until I found it for roughly $4.95/bottle on the evil site which we don't want to name.

It comes in these pretty bottles with the little rampant lion on them for the Nobility line:

It's a nice hourglass shape, as you can see, and it's also a frosted glass, which makes it easier to handle. The top of the bottle cap is the bladder for the dropper. In a pro environment you can't use a brush because cuticle oils are not self disinfecting like polish so you need droppers. I've actually ordered a small stash of droppers so I can use things that come with brushes if I want, plus stuff gets broken, it's the way of life. 

The dropper on this is interesting. It's a very wide one, not the usual tapered end. What I'm discovering is the beauty of this is that it is very economical, surprisingly! I don't feel I have to use the bladder much because the shape of the dropper already wants to distribute a nice drop without the bladder. I'd say you can maybe even only use the bladder to get product into the vial end and then let it do the rest of the work dispensing. Pretty clever stuff. Here is a shot of the vial end of the dropper, emptied so it didn't get all over my chair:

 Please ignore my nails, I'm in the process of taking off the Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine! That you saw in my last post. I'm moving a little slowly. It's a tough job when you can't lift your lower arm!

Part of what I want to present on my table is a collection of pretty but useful items so when a new client steps up she (or he) knows that I'm aware of the aesthetics of this business. That this is cruelty free is just...well. Psht. How can I not be thrilled with that!?! This bottle definitely does it, from it's regal little roaring lion, to the shape, the essential oils have a markedly different scent to the watered down scents one gets with diluted nut oils, and the silver cap just looks elegant. Recommend!!!

The scent itself, you are wondering. I love it, but I am a big fan of lavender and citrus mixed together. I'm also a big fan of amber and other so called "Oriental" scents used in perfumes as a frame of reference to my schnoz. If you are not, this isn't going to be a good one for you. It's more lavender than citrus, the citrus adds more of a middle note of sweet tart to the lavender. I like this, personally. It lasts nicely, but not hours. I am thinking this scent would be a good ending to a nice spa manicure or for a client who tends to like to sit and be quiet through their service. It's relaxing, which is what lavender does, and the feel is so lovely. I am really excited and hoping the other scents are as wonderful as this.

I hope you're taking good care of the skin around your nail plates out there in Talonland!!

Stay tuned! I may post something in another month or so. **eye rolling at myself**

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