Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Updates from Nail School

Howdy y'all!

Two posts in one day, must be some sort of recent record for me. I barely get to post at all. Plus, I get my nails done all the time at school so others can work on completing their "Book", which is the state board proof of 4000 manicures, pedicures, enhancements, drills, repairs, etc, that is required at the time of our state exams. It's usually OPI, not usually mine (stuff goes missing, I don't take my good polish to school, I just use what's available) and I basically have nubbins now. I had to take them off. Two broke, were repaired by a friend at school and then broke all over again so I did the big snip. Blah.

I'm starting to learn acrylics. I hate them. I won't be offering them. I will learn to do them and do them as well as I am able, but I don't really want anything to do with them. They're pissy and difficult and not good for your nails. Plus they take FOREVER. I will offer gel polishes, I'm working on getting the light I want right now through a fellow student with an esthetician's license, so she gets the good deals. I don't personally care for them, but they are everywhere and it's going to be necessary to offer them. I also plan to offer VinyLux as a UV free option. I like those a good deal better, removal is hella easier and the price point is much more manageable.

Speaking of which, the mark up on nail products is obscene. I am now able to shop at the supply houses and DAY-UM. Unreal. I may have mentioned that before.

I haven't started on gel nails yet. The jury is out. I have a ridiculously expensive AXXIUM light that was part of my school kit that will just sit if I don't. We'll see how I feel about them once I start actually trying to use them. They're so versatile...I don't know. Just not sure yet.

So these are my latest ramblings on nail school. I need to go find some sustenance as I need to get ready to motor in about an hour or so. This night schedule is a killer!

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