Monday, September 16, 2013

I'd have to be crazy.

So, when I quit this asylum that has been my job there were countless counter offers. I didn't even ask what the pay increase would be, it wouldn't be enough. I didn't care. I still don't. When people call inquiring about the position I am completely detached. I've been really unhappy there.

Today, the boss came to me and asked me to stay a little longer. I told her I'd think about it because I'm just too freaking nice. I don't want to. I was so excited this morning for it to be my last Monday.

I just re-read yesterday's post. I'd have to be out of my mind. I don't make that much, I'm not giving up a ton of swag by not doing it. It doesn't extend my benefits any longer and honestly, I kind of like the idea of sticking my immediate supervisor with my month end because while I am not generally vindictive, it would just amuse me to take a nap and know her ass was scrambling.

I think my story is that my BFF has to go back to Europe for work and she and Dads have put their heads together to send me along as a surprise vacation. Because that not only says no way am I staying but it also says "and I don't need you people", too.

I'm a rubbish liar though, so...But honestly. I'd have to be nuts.

Oh, and the fish yelling lady has teeth in her bra, too. That happened today. Yep. I'd have to be crazy.

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