Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not gone, just on hiatus

Hey there, I haven't forgotten you or the blog. I've just been going through a lot personally and spending most of my time in escapism (ahem - xbox...ahem) and not wanting to work when I get out of work. Generally, I do not think the blog is work but when the photo website is battling me every inch of the way it feels very much like work.

I will make it back!

A thought for the day, though: Keep an eye out for the latest Rescue Beauty Lounge collection, which is the fan collection. It looks pretty hot and of course I have ordered all of it. Could I afford to do that? NO! But it was too fab. I hit the pre-order, do I, or do I not continually urge you guys to sign up for the newsletters? I do! I know I do! But they should be available for regular sale in about a month, I guess? Go to the website and find out for sure! Sign up for the newsletter while you're at it! There are a couple there I'm really kind of excited about and possibly a dupe...I have to see it in person to know for sure. you can see, I haven't lost my love for all things lacquer. I've just lost my love for all things Picasa. **shakes fist at Picasa**

Hang in there, I am hoping to be back again.

Happy Talons!

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